Local Rules

Ball “Out of Bounds” (Rule 27/1)
a. Outside the metal fence or outside the white posts on the perimeter of the Course
b. Outside the wooden fence and white posts left of the 1st Hole
c. On the tarmac road left of the 5th Hole
d. Outside the white posts behind the 5th Green

 Ground-under-Repair (Rule 25/1)

a. All areas marked with blue posts or white lines on the ground
b. Water in Bunker:  The ball shall be dropped within 1 club length outside the water, not nearer the Hole and not outside the Bunker

Immoveable Obstruction (Rule 24/2)
a. All artificial roads / paths
b. Plants, bushes or young trees supported with posts.

Moveable Obstruction (Rule 24/1)

a. Stones in Bunkers
b. All marker posts except the Out-of-Bounds posts

Tee Markers

White – Professionals
Yellow – Mens
Black – Mens Senior (from 65 years)
Red – Ladies

Interruption of Play
a. Stop play immediately: 1 long siren sound
b.  Stop play: 3 x siren sounds
c.  Re-start play: 2 x siren sounds

Late for Starting Time

a. Strokeplay  - up to 5 minutes: 2 Penalty Strokes
b. Strokeplay  - more than 5 minute: Disqualification

Matchplay  - up to 5 minutes – Loss of 1st Hole    
Matchplay  - more than 5 minute - Disqualification


Score Card

Must be given into the Golf Office before the next Flight is finished.

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